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Corporate information

      Far East Glassware Co.,Ltd is Chinas premier manufacturer and exporter of borosilicate glassware. Produced in extreme temperatures above 2,700F,borosilicate glass is highly resistant to thermal shock and sudden temperature changes.
    Our borosilicate glass can withstand the shock of moving quickly from the extremely high temperatures of an oven(600c/1112F),to a very cold freezer (as low as -20C/-4F) in a short period of time. The tiles on the USA Space Shuttle were coated with borosilicate glass because it can handle the quick transition from the extreme cold of space to the extreme heat of re-entry.
Other benefits of borosilicate glassware are that it will not retain odors and will never go cloudy,even after years of use in the oven,microwave,freezer and refrigerator.
Far East Glassware constantly runs Three furnaces that flow into 9 automatic production lines. Our total production capacity is 80 tons of glass per day,which is 3,600,000 units per month,and over 43,200,000 units per year. Our quality control checks begin with the raw materials and end only after the products are packaged and shipped. We are proud of our growth,which we attribute to our talented and dedicated employees,who constantly strive to produce the worlds highest quality glass food storage and bakeware. In addition to obtaining certifications required by the FDA LFGB,CA65,and DGCCRF,we have also passed IS90001,ISO14001,IOS28001 and BSCI,AVON audit.
   We are very attuned to the markets design and fashion trends. While our food storage line alone currently offers over 100 container and lid product combinations,we look forward to working confidentially with any customer looking to develop their own design.
   Far Easts primary customers are from the US,Europe,Japan,Korea,the Middle East and South America. We have established an excellent reputation for delivering excellent quality products at very competitive prices on time. We look forward to working with you in the future.